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Monday, May 19, 2014

Interview with Ashley - With Her Nose Stuck In A Book

It gave me great pleasure to interview the wonderful Texan Beauty, Ashley, who over the past eighteen months has not only reviewed my books, but has become a great friend. Ashley co-writes her blog, With Her Nose Stuck in a book with her best friend Alexis. 

About Ashley & Alexis
We are sisters-by-heart, and yes, the name of our blog is a reference to "Belle" in Disney's "Beauty & the Beast." We are definitely like Belle in so many ways, and that is a line that just fit us perfectly! Plus, we became best friends years ago after we met while working at the Disney Store together!  By the way, in our pic, I’m Ashley the blonde, Alexis, the brunette. :)

What inspired you and Alexis to start With Her Nose Stuck in a Book Blog?
It was actually Alexis’s idea; she thought that since we both loved to read we should rate books for other people. There is nothing like spending money on a book that turns out to be boring or poorly executed. We never thought our blog would be as big as it is; we have actually reached in the thousands for our blog views. Plus, we have both wanted to write a book and become authors ourselves.  Alexis has a wonderful idea for her book and has started writing it, while I, on the other hand, have so many ideas that I don’t know where to start. What we both love about our blog is we have gotten to meet and interview some very talented and amazing authors. Which we love especially if you get to interview your favourite author, we both turn into fan girls when that happens lol.
Do you have different reading tastes, if so what are your genres?
I actually read lots of different genres that include: Young Adult, Historical Romance, Paranormal, Fairy Tale re-telling’s, and anything that seems interesting. The type of genre I read will honestly depend on what kind of mood I am in. For instance, since I am single, I refuse to read a sappy romance around Valentine’s Day, because it can make me sad. Sometimes if I see a movie that is based on a book and I like the movie, I will want to read the book or if I read the book and loved it, I will want to see the movie if they make one. Although, I don’t recommend it, because if the movie ruins the book, it can make you upset, lol. Take for instance “Mortal Instruments City of Bones”, loved the book and I did love the movie, but I was upset that they left some parts out and plus some of the scenes were out of order.
How do choose which book you are going to review on your Blog?
The way I choose my books, is random, I never know what I am going to rate on most days. But, if I have just finished reading a book that I absolutely loved, I want to share it with people and have them read a beautiful work of art. It goes the same way with a book that I don’t think should be worth reading. It’s nothing against the authors of those books and I don’t think I am that harsh, but if I don’t like a book that much, I can’t lie and say I loved it. I’m not that kind of person, which is another thing about our blog. When we were talking about the idea for our blog, we agreed that we would give honest reviews. We know everyone has different tastes and everyone reads the same book a different way, but we give our reviews in hopes that we at least help some of the books we read grab someone’s attention.
What are the top four books you have ever read and why?
Man…this is a hard question for me to answer. I would say by far my #1 book would have to be “Pride and Prejudice”. It was the first book I ever read by Jane Austen, the reason it is number one is because it shows that a woman can be strong and choose her own destiny and that just really inspired me. My 2nd book would be another amazing classic “Jane Eyre”, because again it shows a strong female character over coming her hardships and making a life for herself. My 3rd, not to be biased or anything would have to be your book, “No Strings Attached”. When I was reading your book it made me feel like true love can be found in the most unexpected places and it taught me not to give up. My 4th is “Red Hill” by Jamie McGuire, because it taught me not to snub my nose at a book with zombies. I know it sounds like a random one to have in my top 4, but it taught me to never judge a book by its description and I picked up the book because I love the author. I am proud to say it actually made me think if I could survive a zombie attack and I couldn’t put it down when I started reading it.
Most of the books you review on your blog are romance. If you were the lead character of a romance story, what would your ideal hero be like?
Hehehe….two words for you… Mr Darcy, from “Pride and Prejudice”. He was, and still is, what I wish I could find in a guy. One who is handsome, speaks his mind, and realizes his mistakes in the end. Yes, he was a class a jerk in the beginning, but he changed his stripes and became someone who a girl could fall in love with. He did everything in his power to show Elizabeth that he loved her and even helped her family when her sister decided to be stupid. He even told her he made mistakes and that he was sorry for them, although there are a few choice sentences he should not have used. But, all and all, he realized he was being, excuse my French, a pompous ass and he realized it once he figured out that his first impression was wrong. That would be my ideal lead romance guy in fiction and in real life.

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